Ūdens būve




 A borehole is a type of water extraction, where water is extracted from the deepest layers of the earth - cracks in dolomite and limestone, layers of sandstone, gravel and stones, underground reservoirs, and in some cases also from interlayers of gravel in clay.

    The water obtained from a borehole is of better quality compared to the water obtained from the upper layers of the earth or Quaternary layers. However, the quality and productivity of borehole water can vary, depending on groundwater bearing layers and their specifics at the particular well site.
Bacteriological contamination is less likely in borehole water. The deeper the bearing water horizon, the less it depends on the threat of local pollution. The borehole can be from 10m to several hundred meters deep. It can be made in the whole territory of Latvia. This type of water extraction is one of the most expensive, but its service life, when properly used, is quite long, even up to 50 years and longer. It should be mentioned that boreholes have a more even water supply, practically inexhaustible water supplies and the possibility to ensure relatively high water consumption.
Depending on the rock layers in which the borehole is located, the water may contain various dissolved minerals - dolomite lime, but iron compounds in sandstone, as well as sulphates are a common phenomenon. If the concentration or presence of these minerals makes it difficult to use water in the household, it is necessary to install special water treatment equipment.
The most commonly used equipment is water iron removal equipment, softening equipment, and often, in some cases, odor reduction equipment. There are usually several possible water intake horizons, with different water quality and quantity. There are also centralized databases and geological maps in Latvia, where information on these horizons, as well as the results of water analyzes are collected. For information on the nearest wells and forecasts of water quantity and quality, contact this type of exploration company.