Ūdens būve




Most people receive water centrally from water suppliers. The waterway to the consumer begins with obtaining water from an artesian deep well or a lake or river. It is then treated in special water treatment plants and stored in water towers or tanks. The water is then brought to consumers through centralized networks.

In treatment plants, water is prepared up to the quality provided for in regulatory enactments. Usually water is purified from mechanical impurities as well as ironed, but for the most part it is not purified from hardness. Often in centralized water there is a remarkably high hardness, which results in the formation of limestone in kettles, washing machines, sanitary ware, etc.
Mention should also be made of a popular phenomenon - corrosion of old pipelines. The water is treated at the treatment plant, but by the time it reaches the consumer due to corrosion of the pipelines, it is already damaged.
To improve the quality of centralized water, we recommend installing equipment for water softening and corrosion iron treatment.