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~ Softens water

~ Purifies water from iron

~ Reduces organic compounds

~ Reduces ammonia

~ Reduces sulphates

~ “ANION-DUPLEX” series equipment characteristics:

Mostly, the equipment is used to soften the water and purify it from organic compounds (Oxidizability), but in addition the equipment also reduces the amount of iron, manganese and ammonium ions in the water.

"ANION" series treatment equipment is more suitable for commercial facilities, guest houses, apartment buildings, hotels, factories, villages, etc.

“ANION-DUPLEX” series differs from conventional equipment in that these models use two filtering pressure tanks. Thus, a continuous supply of water to the consumer is possible, even during regeneration.

~ Brief principle of equipment operation:

The pressure tank of the water treatment equipment is filled with a Cationite and Anionite exchange layer (ion exchange resin). This layer attracts (absorbs) calcium, magnesium, iron, ammonia, and other ions from the water flowing through the tank. The amount of untreated water (m³) flowing through the layer in the tank gradually reduces the performance of this layer. And therefore this layer must be renewed periodically. Regeneration occurs automatically by rinsing the layer with saline. This is called filter regeneration. Elements accumulated during regeneration (Ca, Mg, Fe, etc.) are rinsed into the sewerage system. When the rinsing process is over, the equipment is ready for operation again. The device operates in automatic mode by means of a control mechanism.

The equipment has two pressure tanks connected to the water system. Water flow is provided through both tanks. Each tank is fitted with a control unit. Each tank has an electric valve mounted on the water outlet pipe. The electric valve is designed to prevent the untreated water supply from reaching the system during the regeneration of the appliance. For example, when one tank regenerates the unit, the valve closes the water outlet from that tank. Meanwhile, the water supply is provided through the second tank. At this point, the treatment and flow rate of the total equipment decreases by 50%, but after regeneration, capacity is restored again and the equipment is operating at 100% efficiency. The regeneration process is mostly set to night mode and lasts for about 1.5-2.5 hours (depending on the machine model).
The control mechanism is fully equipped with the necessary functions to be able to accurately adjust the settings individually required for each customer, based on the results of water analyzes, water pressures, etc.

The control mechanism is equipped with a water consumption meter, which provides the recovery interval of the equipment (the number of liters until the next recovery), thus ensuring the consumption of reagent "Salt" and wastewater.

~ Water purification capacity:

  • Desired maximum total hardness (H) concentration in water for treatment - max. 30 eq-mmol / l.
  • Desired maximum oxidizability (KMnO4) concentration in water for treatment - max. 30mg O2 / l.
  • Desired maximum ammonium (NH4) concentration in water for treatment - max. 5mg / l.
  • Desired maximum concentration of iron (Fe2 +, Fe3 +) in water for purification - max. 2mg / l.

~ Water treatment level:

  • Concentration of total hardness (H) in purified water after treatment - <0.5 eq-mmol / l.
  • Total oxidizability (KMnO4) concentration in treated water after treatment - <3.0 mg O2 / l.
  • Total ammonium (NH4 +) concentration in purified water after treatment - <0.5 mg / l.
  • Total concentration of iron (Fe2 +, Fe3 +) in purified water after treatment - <0.2 mg / l.

~ Equipment treatment capacity and flow rates:

Note! Treatment capacity is not equipment flow rate. The flow rate of the equipment is generally much higher than the treatment capacity (see table below).

Note! At times when the water consumption is higher than the treatment capacity shown in the table below, the water treatment function will still be performed, but the degree of treatment will gradually decrease depending on the amount of water consumed at the time.

Model Equipment treatment capacity MMaximum flow
ANION-305 DUPLEX 1,8 m³/h 10,0 m³/h
ANION-1000 DUPLEX 2,0 m³/h 9,8 m³/h
ANION-1500 DUPLEX 2,4 m³/h 9,6 m³/h
ANION-2000 DUPLEX 3,0 m³/h 8,8 m³/h
ANION-3000 DUPLEX 3,4 m³/h 8,0 m³/h
ANION-4000 DUPLEX 4,0 m³/h 7,6 m³/h
ANION-6000 DUPLEX 5,0 m³/h 7,0 m³/h
ANION-8000 DUPLEX 7,0 m³/h 7,0 m³/h

~ Equipment assemblage and manufacturers:


SIA "Ūdens būve" performs full equipment assembly. The equipment is assembled in the workshop of SIA “Ūdens būve”, 87 Kalnciema Street, or, if necessary, in the facility.

The components are of high quality, they have been inspected and tested. Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment components are the leading leaders in this field, which we believe is trust, responsibility and quality.

The most important components of the equipment are the control mechanism and the ion exchange material. With 10 years of experience in water treatment, we are convinced that the highest quality mechanisms are manufactured in the USA by Clack Corporation, while softener fillers are manufactured in Germany by Lanxess.

“ANION” assemblage:
Control mechanism model: "CLACK WS-EI or CI"
Cationite exchange resin filling: "LEWATIT S1567"
Anionite resin filling: "LEWATIT S6368A"

IMPORTANT! Anionite and Cationite proportions, the quantities are calculated based on the results of water analyzes of the specific object, so the proportions will be different for each.

In order to obtain additional information about the equipment, its specifications, dimensions and technical parameters, it is necessary to contact the seller by sending a request to the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by calling the office telephone +371 29349862.

Equipment warranty: 3 years.

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