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~ Very high degree of purification 

~ Improved water taste 

~ Easy operation

This is a commercial type reverse osmosis equipment with increased treatment capacity. "ECOSOFT-RObust" comes with several purification stages, which can be further developed with the needs of each customer.

No chemical reagents are used in the treatment process

~ "ECOSOFT-RObust" assemblage and purification levels:

Reverse osmosis kits include several stages of purification.

1. First stage of treatment:

Initially, water is supplied to the equipment for the first stage of treatment. The first stage of treatment consists of a filter hull containing a mechanical filter. This mechanical filter is designed to filter water from mechanical impurities such as sand, rust-removing pieces, pipe sediments, etc. These filters are made of thread braids or polypropylene material.

2. Second stage of treatment:

Once the mechanical particles have been filtered, the water enters the second stage treatment hull, which contains a special activated carbon filter. This carbon filter is designed to purify water from various organic pollutants, microorganisms, bacteria, chlorine and its toxic by-products, lead and toxic heavy metals, pesticides, detergents, phenol, as well as protects the osmosis membranes of the filtration system from the damaging effects of chlorine.

3. Third stage of treatment:

Once the water has filtered through the mechanical and carbon filters, it enters the next stage of third stage treatment with the help of the incoming water pressure. It is a 1 micron fine mechanical treatment that is required to provide purified water to the membranes of the next level of treatment element, thus ensuring a longer membrane life. Purifies water from mechanical particles, as well as from the second stage filter (carbon filter), flowing through fine carbon dust.

4. Fourth stage of treatment:

With the included pressure pump, water with a pressure of 5-7 bar is brought to the fourth water treatment, to the three diaphragm hull, which contains the diaphragms, which are the most important elements of this water treatment equipment. Membranes act as a barrier to organic and inorganic contaminants, water-soluble solids, heavy metals, radioactive and carcinogenic particles. The pores of the fine membrane allow only water particles to pass through, as its pore size is 0.0001μ. Reverse osmosis membranes do not allow to squeeze through and to filter water with a molecular weight lower than 0.0001μ. Water with a higher molecular weight is discharged around the membrane and discharged into the sewerage system as dirty wastewater.

  • The equipment includes various types of connections, valves, throttles, piping, wrenches, connection valves, regulators, sewerage connections, and flow restrictors.
  • The equipment includes two pressure indicators built into the hull, manometers, with the help of which it is more convenient to follow the replacement of the necessary filters.
  • The equipment also comes with a pump protection mechanism, for example, in cases where there is no water pressure in the water supply system, the water pump is not switched on or switches off automatically.
  • For convenient transportation, compact placement and operational safety, the equipment is installed in a sturdy metal frame hull.

~ Purified water supply:

Three options are mostly used for a purified water supply:

Option 1: Clean, filtered water is brought into a pressure tank (hydrophore) designed to maintain pressure and to store purified water. The size of the pressure tank depends on the needs of the specific facility. The membrane inside the tank keeps the water pressure at the required level after filling the tank. This pressure ensures a fast drainage of water to the outlet in the consumption system.
If the consumer needs a higher or lower pressure in the water system, it can be regulated by means of a pressure switch installed in the equipment.

Option 2: Clean, filtered water is introduced into an open-type storage tank, which is equipped with additional water supply shut-off mechanisms, water outlet mechanisms and overflow mechanisms (the size of the tank depends on the needs of the specific object).
When the amount of purified water entering the tank has reached the required level, the float mechanism shuts off the water supply to the tank. The water discharged from the tank is supplied to the consumer by a second-lift pump equipped with a pressure switch, a pressure tank and pump protection.

Option 3: Clean, filtered water is connected via a straight water pipe, which provides a purified water supply - for specific equipment and needs.

~ Equipment capacity:

Model Treatment capacity (liters per hour) Treatment capacity (liters per day) Recommended maximum treatment capacity (liters per day) Relationship between treated water and wastewater flows
ECOSOFT - RObust - 60 l/h - 1440 l/24h 500 l/24h 1:6

The capacity of the equipment is affected by the following factors:

  • Temperature - the power of the system decreases as the water temperature decreases.
  • Pressure - system capacity increases as water pressure increases.
  • Salinity and incoming water pollution - the capacity of the system decreases with increasing water salinity and total pollution.

The equipment is manufactured by: Ecosoft Water Systems GmbH in Ukraine and Germany

In order to obtain additional information about the equipment, its specifications, dimensions and technical parameters, it is necessary to contact the seller by sending a request to the e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by calling the office telephone +371 29349862.

Equipment warranty: 3 years.

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