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Assembly and installation

Installation of water treatment equipment

When choosing a specialist for the installation of the equipment, it is necessary that this specialist is knowledgeable and skilled in this field. We recommend that the specialists of SIA “Ūdens būve” perform the installation and commissioning of the equipment, as well as the adjustment. Our experienced craftsmen will ensure the installation, programming and commissioning of high-quality equipment.

Standard installation of water treatment equipment includes

  • Connecting equipment to water pipes.
  • Installation of equipment bypass lines so that, if necessary, water supply can also be provided along the bypass line, without treatment.
  • Installation of a mechanical filter (if necessary, in the specific case or by agreement with the customer).
  • Replacement of mechanical filter element (if necessary).
  • Connecting equipment to the drain pipe/ladder/sewerage system (for draining dirty water).
  • Installation of manometers, for water system test before and after the equipment (by agreement with the customer).
  • Installation of test valves, valves for water sampling (by agreement with the customer).
  • Insulation of pipelines and equipment (by agreement with the customer). Control adjustment.
  • Adjustment of mechanisms (throttles, seals, valves, deaerators, pressure relays, etc.).
  • Reagent filling (if reagents are required for the specific operation of the equipment).
  • Customer guidance on future equipment operation.
  • And other activities necessary for the installation of equipment.

Raw materials used in standard installation

Installation is performed with high-quality materials and raw materials. Installation is performed with high-quality materials and raw materials. Only rigid pipes and fittings made of plastic, brass, bronze and stainless-steel fittings are used for installation. We use flexible drives only in certain cases, according to the customer's request or facilities specifications.

Installation warranties

The warranty for the installation of equipment and installation materials is 2 years.

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