Ūdens būve


The company "Ūdens būve" has been operating in one of the sub-sectors of water supply and management industry - "Water treatment" since year 2007.

Today, when everyone is thinking about ecology and friendly management, we are also looking for new solutions to make water treatment processes more friendly to nature and people. We are takeing care that every customer is provided with a solution to his needs, that quality service is provided and even the most complex problem situations are solved.

SIA “Ūdens būve” mission:

A company rich in professional experience in the industry, which is able to provide every inhabitant with the opportunity to use clean drinking water for food and household, as well as provide every company with the opportunity to use water in business.

SIA „Ūdens būve” Vision:

Socially responsible wholesale, retail and full service company in the water treatment industry.

SIA "Ūdens būve" Aim:

  1. To increase the value of the company, ensuring stable growth of the company for the implementation of the company's vision. 
  2. Ensuring the development of the company by creating new jobs in general.
  3. Increase the company's market share.

We have established a company that operates throughout the territory of Latvia, and we are proud that the services we provide are available to everyone. The customers of "Ūdens būve" are owners of private houses, apartments, managers of apartment buildings, owners of recreation complexes, public institutions, production facilities and water treatment plants in parishes.

We take care of our partners and we are committed to provide:

Consumers and customers - with a quality and safe product, with quality service and competitive prices.
Employees - with a stable, pleasant, safe and growth-promoting work environment.
Partners - with effective cooperation and increase of the value of cooperation, with increasing profits, actively developing the product category.
Society - with new jobs created and taxes paid.
We thank every customer and partner for cooperation, without you we would not be able to improve.

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